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Intuitive Tarot Reader

Chances are that if you've called into the Mystikal Scents store on a Wednesday or a Sunday, you won't have noted Brunilda as the reader of the day. The "Why?" is a simple statement of who she is as an individual. Unobtrusive, empathic and gentle. Talking with her is like discovering a hidden spring in the hillside. It quickly becomes your focus as you see the bubbling energy trickle, amid a relaxed and peaceful vibe.

Brunilda grew up and went to school in New York State before moving to Florida where she lives life as a free spirit with her canine buddy, Harold.

Tarot readings  can include up to four decks at a time, as Brunilda seeks positive outcomes and confirmations for her clients.  Her favorites' are the Oracle Deck and her Native American Deck. "These aren't just readings. I incorporate Post Card Messages from Spirit and pendulum questions too so that each seeker has a unique overview or in-depth plan for the year." 


The fresh-faced Brunilda has had her share of life challenges, the kind that shape who we become as people. Her psychic abilities have been ever present and spirit  has helped to sustain her. There is another fantastic way that can help others overcome obstacles and difficulties so that they can have the best life experience possible - The Askashic Records. Understanding why you are here, or your soul purpose can assist you to move forward with confidence.

It's possible that there is much more than a connection through spirit as Brunilda has intuitive dreams, Deja vu and a sincere belief in past lives. 

Brunilda Cruz.jpg

Brunilda's openness is an attribute that some people don't have. As such she has an empathetic way of delivering truth without a sugar coating.

When Brunilda isn't  at Mystikal Scents she is either working at an Animal Hospital or using her creativity to make jewelry amongst other things. Her current favorite is creating her infused shower steamers and natural blends that help people with relaxation or skin issues. Brunilda also enjoys the outdoors by hiking, getting up close and personal with mother nature.


Inspiration and rejuvenation enable her to provide readings every Wednesday and Sunday at Mystikal Scents from 12 - 6pm

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