The Tarot Priestess
Intuitive Card & Energy Reader

If you haven't already met Charlotte you won't understand how her title of The Tarot Priestess is eerily accurate.


Charlotte has been reading for over 20 years, but the Tarot for her has such versatility that it is incorporated into her every day life.

Her own spiritual journey led her to the discovery that she could not only take direction from the cards, but align with their energy and symbolism in a holistic way.

All Charlotte's senses are tuned into this ancient way of foreseeing possible paths or events.


Charlotte's psychic abilities and intuition have been seasoned over time to an extremely high level of understanding and communication. Her Tarot Cards give you guidance along with messages or counsel relevant to your current situation.

When she isn't in the Mystikal Scents store she likes to spend time with family and in nature. Her yard of flowers are grown with love and positive energy, leading to beautiful blooms year round.

Book a reading with her and you'll benefit from the same positive vibes and a renewed energy to refocus your mindset.

Charlotte is Teaching Tarot from 25th Aug!
Read More about the Event Here

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