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Table Tipping Wizard!

After falling seriously ill about seven years ago, Travis was hurled into the metaphysical world. Some eye opening experiences told him that something more, truly existed.

His original hardcore stance as an Evangelical Protestant Christian wavered as he was urged to become a Spiritualist/Psychical Researcher.

Travis began by  investigating psychic phenomena that was occurring during circle meetings (seances) when well-developed mediums were present. Over the next two years he took his time to fully understand the subject, the energies and the people involved.


Travis has spent a further five years on more in-depth research and rediscovered a wealth of knowledge, long forgotten, in metaphysical literature that dates back to the 1840's.


With an outlook still grounded in historical data and provable research, Travis is the "sceptic's best friend." If you have doubts or are seeking confirmations of communication from beyond this physical realm, check out the Meet Up Group hosted by Travis.

Travis Kirchhofer - Table Tipping.jpg

This Meet Up is restricted to a group size of twenty, so either call the Mystikal Scents Store to reserve a seat or select the RSVP button on the event listing here. 

This is an ongoing Table Tipping Wizardry Meet-Up and Development Group who will come together every Thursday. Cost of participation is a $5 Love Donation.

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