Our Teachers & Healers

All our teachers and healers are experienced and gifted professionals. 

Each one is personally interviewed by Pearl who then samples their service offerings with the customer in mind. Only knowledgeable and experienced individuals are able to provide services through the Mystikal Scents Store.

Some of our current healers provide opportunities for you to learn some aspects of what they do while others offer service only by scheduled appointment. These individuals are in demand and their time is as precious as yours so you may be required to pay a deposit or in full at the time of booking.

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Pearl Prather
Life Coaching
Wiccan Studies
Rod Pettit
Crystal & Gemstone Healer
Inawah Kahn
Chokopa Shamanic Reiki Healing & Teaching
Luna Kline
Usui Reiki Healing
Andrena Westcott
Women's Empowerment
Treeona Hill
Flower Essence & Organite
Mychal Love
Alchemy Life Coaching
Judith Sharp Rose
Tuning Fork Therapy
Darby Shelton
Chakra Balancing
Reiki Healing
Veronica PP
Resonance Re-patterning
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If you are a service provider in the Tampa Bay Area thinking of reaching out, Pearl encourages you to do so. Use the link in the footer of this page to submit your details and services before calling the shop to book an appointment where you can explore possibilities

Mychal Love

Alchemy Life Coaching

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