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Linda Sommer always knew that there was more to life than meets the eye, even as a child she was seeking other answers than those instilled in her scientific family. Linda developed her understanding of Astrology but always felt that something was eluding her. She explored Tarot and became interested in the numbers that seemed to stand out in her own life. Over thirty years ago she discovered what was for her "The Missing Link" -Numerology! 

Before becoming a full-time Numerologist thirty-five years ago, Linda was still helping people by teaching her other love, music. So, when she isn't giving valued insight or seeing the shock and awe response to her readings, Linda can be found playing melodies for her own entertainment, or on occasion at the beach with a long cool glass in hand.

Linda prefers taking road trips instead of organized vacations as she enjoys finding those places that are in uncharted territory. Both people and animals warm to Linda as she is unassuming and gentle in her approach to life and the afterlife.


Intuitive Card Readings


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