Jasper - Green Zebra, Tumbled

Holds the energy of balance uniting the masculine and feminine Yin and Yang. Balances the chakras and the physical, intellectual, emotional and Etheric bodies. It is an anti-apathy stone allowing you to be optimistic, despite lifes stresses. Gives you more initiative to tackle those problems. Encourages you to dare to dream and then turn those dreams into reality. It is a grounding stone allowing you to tune to Mother Earth and find joy in your surroundings. Helps with kidney and bladder problems. Improves skin bones and teeth and alleviates muscle spasms.In healing, Zebra Jasper may be helpful in preventing or alleviating insect bites, as a coolant, and supportive for eyesight, hearing, and the sense of smell. Zebra Jasper may also be supportive for the immune system, clearing pollutants and toxins from the body, stimulating and cleansing to organs, and for skin conditions.