Rue Prayer Candle

Do unpaid bills torment you in your sleep? Are you afraid to answer the door or the phone for fear that it is yet another debt collector?Do you or someone close to you need medical treatment that you cannot afford? If so you are not alone. During hard times such as these it is good to reach out for help from the powers greater than yourself. A rue candle can do just that. Light this candle each day for 1 hour and say a brief prayer so that your request may be heard. Ensure your intentions are positive and to harm none. The prayer is included on the label of this 8 in tall glass container that holds 7in of the rue mix with wax. 2.5 in in diameter. Burning times vary according to many variables, this candle may last for 5, 7 or even approx 8 days when burning for 1 hour each day.