Throat Chakra Kit

This Throat Chakra Kit comes in a drawstring bag with a booklet that gives you the Guide to using the contents and meditation for enhancing your relaxation and positive energy in balancing your Throat Chakra. The kit includes: Throat Chakra Glycerin soap made with Eucalyptus,Frankincense and Lavender essential oils.This soap stimulates Self Expression, Healing and Truth. A 4oz pump spray bottle of Expression Spray for air or body. Spray for Air or Body. This spray will help with communication, expression and manifesting your truth. Crystal essences of Blue Lace Agate: Calms/uplifts. Aquamarine : opens/clears the Throat Chakra, enhances intuition. Turquoise: uplifting, protective. Includes essential oils of Eucalyptus: cools down emotions, clears head, promotes well being. Frankincense: increases spiritual awareness and meditation. Lavender: promotes love and peace. Small drawstring pouch containing Blue Lace Agate stone/crystal to aid you with your Throat Chakra.