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Usui Reiki III Workshop With Reverend Luna

  • Mystikal Scents 9545 E. Folwer Ave., Thonotosassa, FL 33592 Thonotosassa United States (map)

Mystikal Scents Presents
“Rediscovered” Usui Reiki
Spiritual Healing
With Reverend Luna

Reiki assists in harmonizing the body by restoring balance and self-healing energy, Reiki techniques can be used for self-healing and for healing others. Reiki is spiritual healing. It brings balance to the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki I Workshop - Saturday, September 21st 12pm - 5pm - $130
1st Degree: Receive attunement and activation of Reiki healing energy. You will learn self-healing position; how to apply Reiki healing energy to others, pets and plants; meditations; and the Reiki Spiritual Principles.

Reiki II Workshop - Sunday, October 6th 12:30pm – 5:30pm - $130
2nd Degree: Reiki attunement and activation of energy includes learning emotional and mental level balance, as well as long distance healing, and how to use the symbols to balance physical, emotional, mental and soul levels.

Reiki III Workshop - Saturday, January 5th 12pm – 5pm - $140
In this 3rd Degree Reiki Master level Workshop, you will learn to incorporate all the symbols you learned, along with the master symbol, and learn how to utilize them to heal mind, body and soul levels.

Please call Mystikal Scents to schedule your class at 813-986-3212. Requires advance registration and payment.

Learn the rediscovered traditional healing method with Rev Sachiko 'Luna' Kline, Japanese Reiki Master/Teacher, serving the Bay area for more than 35 years. Rev Luna studied and trained intensively in metaphysical studies and is certified in Advanced Pranic Healing, Qi Gong Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Psychic Healing, Sacred Emanation and Sound Healing and Usui Reiki Master/Instructor.

Mystikal Scents
9545 E. Fowler Ave,
Thonotosassa, FL. 33592