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Women’s Empowerment Discussion Group With Andrena Westcott

  • Mystikal Scents 9545 E. Folwer Ave., Thonotosassa, FL 33592 Thonotosassa United States (map)

Mystikal Scents Presents
Women’s Empowerment Discussion Group
With Andrena Westcott
First Wednesday of the Month, 2019
From 7:00 to 9:00 pm


This group is about WOMEN coming together to learn more about whom we are and how we can become who we want to be. It is a place where we will discover and integrate new ideas that will help us break out of old habits and gain insight to new ways of improving our lives. The demands and frenzy of the outside world are put on hold so we may have an opportunity fill our cups with the medicine of women’s sacred community here at Mystikal Scents. These discussions workshops are stand-alone and not a series, so you may pick and choose which one’s you want to attend, or you can attend them all. $5 love donation is appreciated.


July 3 – Resilience and Resourcefulness

August 7 – Your Story of Success

September 4 – Recycling & Sustainable Living

October 2 – Survival Guide for the Modern Woman

November 6 – Crafting & Wine Night

If you are interested in some or all of these workshops, please call Mystikal Scents at 813-986-3212 to schedule your seat so the instructor can properly prepare for the group.

Mystikal Scents
9545 E. Fowler Ave,
Thonotosassa, FL. 33592