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Crystal Healing Wands

Choosing A Crystal or Crystal Wand

When choosing any Crystals or Crystal Healing wand, you will want to consider the size, shape and type of crystal or gemstone for more than one reason. Not only are the properties of the stone or crystal relevant, but also the type of work you wish to do with it.


What It's Made Of: 

Crystal wands are made from numerous types of crystals and stones. The vibrations that come from the stone align with different elements within the physical and the metaphysical, the emotions and the mind. Looking at what the stones are used for regardless of their shape is key as these do not alter when shaped into a wand, they merely become more potent.

What Shape Is Right: 

If you are unsure which is the most suited shape for your purpose think about its application. Is it for placing on the body? In an energy grid? For massage of the muscles? (Use in intimate areas? Not a good idea)

For placing on the body you will not want crystals or stones that are too heavy. Remembering that a human body is also sensitive to temperature and other sensory elements means allowing for some movement. For this reason you may decide against fragile wands like selenite, which can shatter if dropped.

For massage of the muscles a rounded smooth wand is the logical choice. Massage therapists often choose wands to fit their own hand size, or even pebble like shapes. The use of healing wands and stones is actually beneficial for the therapist too by reducing force and strain of the hands.

Intimate personal massage with stones or crystals is a new craze that went wild in 2017 because someone famous commented on the positive effects for women physically and climatically. 


"Yoni" or Jade eggs for example have been cited as an ancient practice where they are inserted into the body and increase sexual pleasure and womb health. Is there really an increase in orgasm intensity if you use crystals as sex toys?


Research confirms that this is not the case on any of the claims. Inserting crystals or any object into the body can increase chances of infection, or more permanent damage.


Common Crystal & Gemstone Wands

  • Amethyst 

  • Labradorite 

  • Citrine 

  • Rose Quartz 

  • Tourmaline

  • Obsidian

  • Sunstone

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Blood Stone

  • Tigers Eye

  • Jade 

  • Blue Smelt 

  • Fluorite 

  • Lemurian Seed Crystal Quartz

  • Selenite

  • Smoky Quartz

  • Clear Quartz

  • Mixed Stones

  • Herkimer Diamond

What Size Is Right: 

Again the size of your crystal or gemstone wand may depend upon your intended use. A hand held tool may be better if it is slightly thinner, but longer. Depending on the size of your hands this will vary.

For use in Crystal Grids you may wish to use shorter wands depending on the layout. Some Mandala like grids have a wide based upright crystal at the center surrounded by wands or naturally shaped stones.


Learning the best way to create crystal grids is to have in person classes with an instructor who has plenty of crystals to demonstrate the visual and the vibrational differences.

Crystals & Stones

Before Use

Crystal wands can be extremely powerful yet simple to use once you understand the subtle differences in the energy vibrations and temperatures. 


Handling your crystal wand with awareness and intuitive wisdom aids the healing process. Your thoughts and intentions should be for the highest good if you wish to heal yourself or others.


Before using your crystal wand, it is advisable to cleanse it (see below)as it may have passed through many hands and places on it's journey to you.


Attune yourself with your crystal by spending some time with it to become familiar with its energy and to harmonize with it. By allowing yourself to be attuned with your crystal wand, you establish a powerful energetic rapport with it. The better you know your crystal wand, the more effectively it will work with you in your energetic partnership.


How can you achieve this? Hold your crystal wand while you meditate, or just sit holding it and feel its shape, texture, and weight. Visually examine your crystal wand familiarizing yourself with any unique patterns or shades it may have. Listen to your intuition to connect with the energetic vibrations of the crystals.

The healing ability of your crystal wand is vastly expanded when programmed with intention. The power of one's intention enhances the energy of a wand, so aligning that with its intended positive purpose from the outset is great. Your crystal wand should readily and easily accept programming if you have chosen a stone whose healing properties fit well to your intentions.

Learn How To Use Your Healing Wand 

Mystikal Scents offers classes and workshops on many subjects and healing modalities including Crystal Healing. You can browse the upcoming classes by clicking here or by contacting the Mystikal Scents Store direct.

In classes with Rod Pettit you will not only have the opportunity to learn basic techniques for identifying blockages, and focusing energy for physical healing, but you will learn more about your crystals themselves.


Healing others can be extremely fulfilling, so finding out about the best practices and methods that have been tried and tested already is priceless.

Call us on 813 986 3212 or come into the Store where you can experience a marvelous welcome.

Vogel Wands:

These are multi faceted (Multi sided) clear quartz healing tools. The name "Vogel" is not derived from a bird, but from the first person to shape the quartz in this way for amplification. A "Vogel wand " therefore is simply the style of cut.

Marcel Vogel was the founder of Psychic Research, Inc., and was also IBM's leading research scientist for 27 years. He devoted many years to scientific luminescence and how to use it in healing.

These magnificent tools have a male and a female end, each cut differently. The larger end of the crystal is the female cut with an interior angel of 51 degrees, the pyramid angle. This end draws in energy (prana) and it spirals down over the facets to the male which then focuses the energy through it's tip.

The number of facets does have significance. Amplification is increased each time the energy touches another facet, so more facets means more energy. You can find anywhere from 4 sided to 24 sided wands that are Vogel Style or Vogel Cut.

Care of Your Crystals Whatever Their Shape


Please make sure your wand is not created from a crystal that may be damaged by water. (Selenite, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Calcite, Desert Rose, Labradorite, or Halite are examples)

Also Hematite, Magnetite, and Lodestone may oxidize when submerged in water. If you are unsure if your crystal is soluble, research it! - But in the meantime use brown rice to cover it for 24 hours just in case.

Water is an easy and effective way to recharge your crystal wand. Rinse your crystal wand, point downward in cool water flow or fresh flowing water such as a natural stream. You may also choose to soak the crystal wand in water for 12 to 24 hrs.


Crystal wands can also be cleansed by sea salt by either allowing sea water to wash over it or soaking for up to 24hrs in a basin of saltwater. You may rinse with fresh water and energize in the sun.


Please be careful with softer crystalline crystals because sea salt or other abrasive substances like sand may mark up the surface of your crystal wand. 

Placing the crystal wand into a large crystal cluster or with other crystals that are cleansers and energizers such as selenite or carnelian will clear negative energies.

You can place the crystal wand under a small pyramid. We are not suggesting a trip to Egypt, simply to use the pyramid’s geometric structure over the top of your crystal wand to energize it.

You may smudge the crystal wand with Sage, Sweet grass, Cedar or incense. 

Brown rice has been mentioned above, but the same applies to putting the crystal into the earth for 24 hours. If you chose this option remember to mark the spot carefully and not have it where it could potentially be disturbed by humans or animals.


Charging is exactly what it implies. When you charge a phone (There are crystals in mobile phones too) or electrical tool you are putting energy into it to store and use at a later time. This is the same for your crystals, but there is no lead or plug, so how is it done? Through the elements, naturally.

Both sunlight and moonlight have natural energy that can be soaked up by your crystals. Again, proceed only once you have researched your specific crystal as direct sunlight may be too harsh for some or moonlight not strong enough for another. Different phases of the moon should be consulted if you are using your crystal wand for magical purposes.

Rod Pettit
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