If you're just starting out your foray into the unseen world, you'll soon come across the word "Metaphysics". For some this can be a stumbling block as anything with the word Physics implies a scientific and possibly complex subject. Meta then compounds this by giving the impression that it's huge, colossal and maybe never ending. Ugh!

Strangely, Aristotle, who is credited for the creation of Metaphysics would today not recognize the word either. Nor would he be able to rattle of the variety of subjects that it now covers. So why should you?

What Aristotle did do was teach an understanding of nature and the natural world. He called this subject physics because it was based on physical things. Sounds logical so far.

He then wrote fourteen books with just four subjects; 'first philosophy’, ‘first science’, ‘wisdom’, and ‘theology’. Learning from these was only to be attempted by those who had first studied the work on his physics course. How surprising.

The term "Metaphysics" was actually created by a later publishing philosopher 100 years after the works were written. He bundled the fourteen volumes together and gave them one title. His intention was to indicate that before embarking upon the study of the unseen world, the student should first study the natural world. In ancient Greece this was much clearer because "Meta" meant "After" in their language.

Ancient Greek Plato was a teacher of Aristotle, he taught that the entire material world was but a reflection of a spiritual world. Aristotle set out to prove it with his study of the sciences that included astrology. For Plato states that each soul chooses its own life as well as its own guardian angel. He believed that each soul traveled through the cosmos and that the journey through the stars influenced birth, which influenced life and the events in it. He did believe in a higher power but always emphasized the importance of free choice regarding one’s destiny. 

Aristotle, took the theoretical principles a step further to causal mechanics, that the planets transmitted the will of God to Earth and represented secondary causes while God was the prime mover of the Universe. Aristotle’s modifications placed Greek astrology in a favorable position with Christianity by its recognition of God was the source of free will. This was the basis for astrology which persisted until the seventeenth century.

Aristotle's teachings on the course of "after the physical" began by being centered on things that do not change or alter. The first cause of things, that simply are because they are not the result of something else. These things cannot be altered and therefore it is thinking, feeling and comprehension that needs to be adjusted. Yet if we were to study his work today, there are many teachings that are incorrect based on what we know. So great news, we don't have to be perfect either!

When you accept there are things you cannot change, you can look to those (otherwise unseen) things. There are many areas that can provide clarity and emotional freedom. Both Plato and Aristotle were always encouraging others to seek out the unexplained, spiritual, and refer to the natural world around them.

If you are seeking answers, have a feeling that there is more to life than it appears, the chances are you are right. Finding your place in the ever growing community begins with one step.

Join Mystikal Scents members and students to explore subjects that include some of the modern Metaphysical as well as the ancient ways that got everybody thinking.

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We all know how difficult it is to find things to do while you're stuck at home and even more so when you may be on reduced pay, or no income at all. So here's a couple of ideas of things you can do to honor your ancestors that cost nothing except your time.

1. Start a family tree.

Begin to discover the names of the people that you are descended from, and the places they lived. You can begin with a simple written chart where you put your own name and the immediate family that you know about. You can get a free template when you subscribe to Another Leaf Genealogy (There's a catch- No sales emails)

Contact living relations and ask questions about their lives and their memories. During the COVID-19 outbreak it's especially important to keep in touch with family, especially the elderly, who may be feeling down. They will be thrilled if you want to hear about them and their lives. Let's face it who doesn't like a bit of attention? But this information can also be pure gold. You do need to be tactful with some questions, and it's better not to cover all questions in one go. You don't want grandma to feel like she's being pressured with gestapo like interviews. Another Leaf Genealogy also has a free set of questions that you can ask. You only need to sign up once to get access to the download area

Once you have the basics to put on your tree, write them in. You can also put these details into an online tree on a free site, if you wish. There are free basic accounts on Familysearch.org ,Findmypast.com and Ancestry.com . If you already have an account with them then spending time on your search can be a worthwhile way to pass the time before you are back in the 9 to 5 groove.

If you want to learn how to use the online search methods there are basic tutorials on each of the sites. Another Leaf Genealogy provides teaching sessions where they go on websites with you and walk you through search options, and how to evaluate the results. These sessions are not free though as they are teaching you some of the skills that they have taken years to perfect. Also, they don't do DIY trees either like the previous sites, instead they have a subscription where they will do the searches for you on a regular monthly basis, this may be of interest once you're back at work and no longer have time to continue.

2. Communicating through Meditation

You can set up a shelf with pictures of all your loved ones that have passed on. Place some flowers or candles if you have any in the back of the cupboard. If you have any crystals, like quartz points, you can add those too. Light an incense stick and get comfy. If you've meditated before you'll know that relaxing will help you to clear your mind of mundane things around you.

Then set the scene in your mind where you are in a safe place, a special place to you. It could be on the beach, on a hillside, or even in a forest. Take some time to soak in all the sensory elements. The colors, whether there is a breeze, the smell of the ocean, or sweet flowers. Don't rush through this part, it's just the beginning. When you are immersed in this place that you have created in your mind, begin to walk slowly. Remind yourself now that you are here to meet one or more of your ancestors.

Hold the positive thought and some love in your heart. Continue to walk until you find yourself beside a cave, or a house, or a bridge. This is where you will meet someone connected to you. Sit and talk with this person, they will be happy that you came. Ancestors have an interest in you too because you are their representation here on earth. Spend time with them in your special place. They will let you know when it's time to go and they may even hand you something that they wish for you to take with you. It could be symbolic, or give you an answer to any question that you did not ask.

Next you should walk the same path that you took to get here, but in reverse for now it is time to go home. If you stopped to look at flowers, do the same on the way back. If you walked through the waves on the beach, or went on a boat, do the same on the journey home. When you have taken all those steps, you will gradually feel yourself coming back into the room with your ancestors pictures. (If you don't have pictures of them you can place things that remind you of your ancestry there. This can include ornaments, statues, or pictures of places that they came from)

Meditation can be a wonderful way to relieve stress too. If you haven't already been to a meditation session at Mystikal Scents then you may want to give it a try. For this you simply wear comfortable clothing and then listen to your guided imagery. You can learn more about meditation and it's benefits, or book a session click here

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