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Crystal Healing

Healing With Crystals

Since ancient times, crystals and crystal wands have been used as a healing tools by shamans, healers and meta-physicians.


Some suggest that crystal wands were used by the inhabitants of the ancient civilization of Lemuria and by the healers of Atlantis.  


Crystals and gemstones are popular healing tools for today’s healers too as they are excellent healing tools for many areas including chakra balancing, emotional healing, and spiritual development.


They are energetically cleansing, protective, and can be used to stimulate or activate the human energy field. Crystals are even helpful in feng shui for space clearing and environmental blessings, as they are known to be useful in the creation of sacred spaces for meditation, healing and spiritual work.

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Crystal wands come in many different shapes and sizes and are created from a wide variety of stones, crystals and minerals.


The healing vibration of each crystal will have a different effect on the physical body, aura, and chakras. 


Experienced therapists and healers have invested many hours in research and practical application in order to provide the most suitable treatment that will harmonize with the vibrational energies and intention of their clients.


At Mystikal Scents Crystal and Gemstone Healers use these powerful healing tools in a non-invasive vibrational energy based, holistic system of healing. His healing services include balancing the chakras, cleansing and repairing the aura, repairing energy leaks and blockages, meditation, grounding and centering, clearing energetic cords and connections.


The healer precisely places specifically chosen crystals on the physical body to create a state of balance and harmony bringing body and spirit back to its natural state of equilibrium. There are specific grids and patterns that are also effective for the following:


Fertility treatments


Stress relief

Soothing Migraine

Easing digestive disorders

Relieving pain or stiffness

Improve tiredness and exhaustion

Releasing unhealthy patterns

Letting go of addictions

Healing Emotional Trauma

Karmic release

Past Life Healing




Mystikal Scents cannot guarantee the availability of a Crystal Healer every day and therefore Walk Ins are not encouraged for this service. Appointments are usually scheduled in advance, please allow enough time for a mutually acceptable time to be arranged.

If you are looking for a crystal healer please call 813 986 3212 to arrange a mutually convenient time for your soothing session to begin.

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If you are an independent spirit that simply has an interest in finding out how to choose your own crystals and look after them check this out this link:

Crystal Wands

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