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Chakra Balancing & Reiki Healer

After Darby was hurtled into a new role in the muggle world he realized that something had to give. His dedication to his regular clients at Mystikal Scents for his readings and healing sessions meant that he could not

happily relinquish his role in the store.


 After taking the time to balance his own chakras he was certain that all would come right. Gaining balance in all things is a key area of Darby's own Celtoid Druidic belief system and a part of his everyday life.

Darby provides energy healing sessions commonly known as "Reiki" and Chakra Balancing whenever he can. He loves to help people and his sensitivity is a keen asset to his healing abilities.

Contact the store by phone and let them know which days you have availability for this type of service. The team at Mystikal Scents will get back to you with a confirmation. Tel: 813 986 3212

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