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Celebrating the Summer Solstice

Litha, also called Midsummer or the Summer Solstice, is a long-standing Pagan festival celebrated around June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere.

This special day marks the height of the sun's power and the longest day of the year, symbolizing abundance, growth, and vitality.

Central to Litha celebrations are rituals that honor the sun's life-giving energy and the Earth's fertility.




















Bonfires, a traditional symbol of the sun, are often lit to represent light, warmth, and purification. People may jump over the flames to signify leaving behind the old and welcoming the new, while the fire's glow acts as a beacon of hope and renewal.

By tuning into the rhythms of the season, practitioners deepen their connection to the Earth and draw inspiration from the abundance and vibrancy of summer.

It is a time to honor the sun's life-giving power, connect with the natural world, and embrace the light within and around us.

Hands, flowers, Litha.jpeg
Litha at Stone Henge

Flowers and herbs are important in Litha traditions, with plants like sunflowers, lavender, and chamomile holding special meaning during this time.
These plants are used in rituals, decorations, and offerings to honor the season and connect with nature's spirits.

Making floral wreaths, herbal sachets, or garlands is a common way to engage with the beauty and abundance of summer.

Using fresh flowers, dried flowers, essential oils and incense in your preparations is a great way to integrate nature into any celebration or ritual, perhaps even more so at Litha.



21st June


Feasting is a key part of Litha celebrations, with communities gathering to share meals made from fresh, seasonal ingredients.


Fruits, vegetables, grains, and honey are usually featured on the Midsummer menu, reflecting the Earth's bounty and the richness of the harvest.

Decorate your tables with fresh flowers and candles carved with symbols of summer, like the sun. Dress them in lavender oil or simply buy lavender candles and surround them with flowers.


Sharing food in the spirit of abundance fosters a sense of community and gratitude for the interconnected web of life. So invite family, friends and neighbors to gather in your back yard or even on the beach!

Litha invites us to celebrate the beauty, abundance, and magic of the summer season.

Through rituals, feasting, and festivities, we honor the cycles of nature and affirm our place in the wondrous tapestry of existence.

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Enjoy your Litha... Your Way

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