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Psychic Tarot Reader & Rock-Star

Lorraine blew into Mystikal Scents with an exciting cocktail of gifts that ushered her into the spotlight. Don't be bashful in approaching this "not-so" iron maiden about her abilities, she's comfortable in her own shoes even when she isn't tripping the light fantastic on stage. 

Because she's not a diva, there's no "performance" in her readings and no song and dance to connect with spirit, it's seamless.

Unable to recall a time when her psychic gifts were not prevalent, Lorraine has remained keenly aware that she is the mistress of her own fate. With a no-frills attitude her communication is on point to put people at ease no matter what walk of life they are from.

Before becoming a singer-songwriter in LA, Lorraine was  helping the people of New York for 20 years as a valued member of the NYPD. "Protect and Serve" for her extended into the metaphysical and angelic realms. Unlike many police officers facing danger on the streets each day, Lorraine trusted in the guidance of the cards and the protection of Archangel Michael. In so doing he chose to become a symbiotic connection with her to the angelic realm.


Healthy living is of vital importance to this lady of lyrics, who shuns the expected INXS rock n roll lifestyle in favor of the gym. Outside of Mystikal Scents Lorraine takes lead vocals with her heavy rock band "Level The Planet" or playing melodies for her own entertainment with friends and her long time graphic designer fiance. (Yes, he also dresses like a rock star!) Co-writing songs with him is a constant reminder to Lorraine that "It's all about the timing," in both the melody and life. 

Lorraine loves animals so much that she refuses to eat them (Yay!) which is great news for Cockapoo "Baba" and Eskimo "Utah", her canine buddies. Although her feline friend "Keizs" has used all his nine lives, he still comes to visit when he can, proving to her that connections of love and energy are truly everlasting.


Lorraine's tarot readings are combined with her channeling to give absolute clarity. Once in her sacred space, her persona takes a step back and soon the predominant areas for the seeker are explored directly with spirit. 


A Celtic spread of Pamela Colman-Smith cards opens the communication but from there it's outside of the box, led by the seeker. A truly fantastic way to gain insight by cutting out the middle man and asking your most burning questions.

If you'd like to ask Lorraine about her readings or even about her travels to far off places unspoiled by humans, like Antarctica, you can find her in store on Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 12pm - 6pm. 

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