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Our In-Store Meet Up's

Psychometry & Meditation


Tuesdays 7pm -9pm

Connect to Spirit Guides through Psychometry and meditation with Charlotte Brown and Patricc Petti. Join them Every Tuesday evening from 7pm - 9pm and learn how to improve your life in wonderful ways!

Join Charlotte and Patricc for this group session for all skill levels. With practical tips and demonstrations you can ultimately improve your experiences and abilities through understanding as well as psychic exercises, including meditation.

Psychometry is a form of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). It involves reading energy from an object such as a piece of jewelry. The interpretation of this energy is communicated to your mind and you know things about the owner or previous owner of the object.  To improve the ease of interpretation, the connection with, and understanding of your spirit guide is essential. In this meet up group Charlotte and Patricc will share the ways that will aid you to gain confidence and enhanced intuition.

Please note this is a regular meet up group that is only able to function from the support of donations. There is NO SET FEE for attending, but a Love Donation of $5 and up is greatly appreciated. 

Please Note:

NO MEETING 12/26/23 due to holidays Meet Up continues 1/2/24

Table Wizardry  with Travis Kirchhofer

Every Thursday from 7 – 9PM

From the beginning of time, people have dreamed of being something more. Greatness and divinity are built within the very fabric of our spiritual DNA. 


There is a reason why Harry Potter and the Superheroes are so popular these days. In this group we will explore the novel way of connecting with our spirit guides, friends, and loved ones through the physical medium of a common table.


Historically in America, this has been the primary way of developing powerful latent spiritual gifts that we all naturally possess, but largely remain clueless as to what they are and how to develop them effectively. By creating a strong link to Higher Intelligence in a harmonious circle through physical communication via a table, we enable our spirit teams on the other side of life to actively participate with us in the development process. This is what created very powerful mental and physical wizards (mediums) during Victorian times.

A little about your Table Tipping Wizard, Travis Kirchhofer: About 7 years ago, I fell sick with a serious bout of pneumonia and ended up having some interesting metaphysical experiences that took me from being a hardcore Evangelical Protestant Christian to becoming a hardcore Spiritualist/Psychical Researcher who was investigating psychic phenomena that was occurring during circle meetings (seances) when well-developed mediums were present. The transition process took me about 2 years to complete, but when I really understood what I was researching, I never looked back. During the last 5 years this research has deepened. I have found a wealth of knowledge, long forgotten, in metaphysical literature that dates back to the 1840's here in America and abroad.


We will dedicate 2 hours every Thursday evening from 7pm to 9pm exploring the wonderful world of "Table Tipping."

Cost of participation is a $5 Love Donation. If you are interested in attending this Table Wizardry Meet-Up Group, we ask that you call Mystikal Scents to reserve your seat. Seating is limited to no more than 20 each week. Please call to reserve your seat now 813-986-3212.

Reiki Share

Second Wednesday of every month.

from 7 – 9PM

Come and experience Reiki healing in a safe and loving environment. Bring your friends and family as our Reiki Share is open to everyone!


Reiki Shares bring together Reiki and Energy Healing Practitioners of all levels as well as those desiring to experience the healing powers of Reiki and Energy Healing for the first time. Reiki is a gentle and non-invasive way to heal the body and mind. It enhances the body's natural ability to heal itself and is a powerful way to relieve stress and promote wellness.


You will be placed in a comfortable chair and everyone will gather around you. The participants then give energy to an area or chakra they feel drawn to heal. Each person will receive around 10 minutes of healing. 


A $5 love donation is requested and appreciated.

PLEASE NOTE: Reiki Share is canceled 9/13/23 and 11/8/23

Mediumship Circle

Tuesdays once a month

Bring in a photo, an object like jewelry or eyeglasses, or the name of a loved one who has passed written on a piece of paper. Participants will receive suggestions of questions to ask so that it will help give evidence that it was their loved ones who came through.


A $5 Love Donation is requested and Appreciated.


        No meeting in December



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