Our In-Store Meet Up's

Psychic Senses

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Have you been looking for ways to find out more about psychic gifts or hard to explain experiences? If so, this meetup maybe just for you.

Each week individuals come to the store in search of answers and practical ways for them to develop their connections to spirit and the natural world.

Join us to voice your concerns. Hear from others who are experiencing challenges. Be guided by those who have already found ways to cope and ultimately improve their experiences and abilities through understanding as well as psychic exercises. 

Please note this is a discussion group only- Psychic Development Classes are available every season for those committed to exploring their abilities to the fullest. You can view the schedule for classes and book online here.


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Do you know that you are an empath? Feeling more than your share of physical and emotional strain could be an indication that you are.


Understanding what an empath is and how to manage the challenges and pitfalls that many empaths experience is a great step in the right direction.

All attendees are encouraged to voice their own difficulties or offer solutions to newcomers.


Together we learn how this psychic gift can become a blessing instead of a curse!

Healing Circle

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This is an open invitation to all healers using biofield energy, reiki or similar touchless method of healing in the Tampa Bay Area. We'd love for you to continue to use your healing abilities, even if you don't use them professionally.

Many individuals suffer from chronic pain but do not have the financial resources to cover the costs of individual sessions.


This is an opportunity for sufferers to come and sample the healing energy for just the cost of a love donation. The donations cover the cost of advertising, water to rehydrate healers and light refreshments during the social segment at the end of each session. 

All participants are asked to contribute in some way, healing energy, snacks, bottles of water, or cash are all ways in which to keep this group improving. For those who cannot attend due to location or physical impairment please take a look at our Healing Tree.



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Writing a book or regular articles can be isolating and frustrating. When you are a pagan writer or writing about otherworldly experiences it can be increasingly difficult to get unbiased and helpful feedback on your hard work.

There are many writers groups and critique groups in the Tampa Bay Area. Unfortunately, not all of them have an understanding or tolerance for subjects that do not fit into the neat little genres listed by big publishing companies.

Each week we meet up to give feedback on your work, ways to improve your opening paragraph, develop a character, or recommend other sources that may aid you to entice your target readers or get published.

Once a month we have a learning point that invites you to get organized, stay focused and find time for your writing. Instead of wondering if your story is good enough, come along and find out how it can be a source of pride.