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Pagan Life Coach

Being raised in a pagan household, Mychal has been a pagan all her life. Having spent her life as an eclectic pagan, she recently chose a Heathen path to complete her journey through life.

She grew up in Philadelphia at a time when the city was experiencing growing pains. The cities pains, fear and problems, helped her to understand the same elements that echoed in the people around her.

Mychal is well-traveled and has experienced life in many cultures. This has confirmed to her that regardless of nationality all humans share the trials of life and sometimes they're not so easy to overcome without a helping hand.

Her personal experiences when combined with her formal education in Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, Nursing, and Eating Disorder Therapy, mean that Mychal is ideally suited to support anyone experiencing difficulties.

Mychal is here to help you create the life you know you can have.

Contact the store by phone and let them know which days you have availability for this type of service. The team at Mystikal Scents will get back to you with a confirmation. Tel: 813 986 3212

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