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Medium & Intuitive Angel Reader

Carolyn is a student with a discipline of uncommon devotion, otherwise known as a chela. She has always been aware of her connection to the divine through her mediumistic abilities.


Carolyn is a happy go lucky person who always looks on the bright side. She has had her fair share of life challenges but takes guidance from the universe readily to overcome each obstacle one step at a time.


Carolyn's good nature comes across from the moment you meet her. She's such a great listener that you almost forget that you've only just met.


Readings with Carolyn are by appointment only because she really is a busy lady. She likes to take trips with her family when she can and has an avid interest in juggling.

Go ahead and ask her, you'll be glad that you did.

Contact the store by phone and let them know which days you have availability for this type of reading. The ladies at Mystikal Scents will get back to you with a confirmation. Tel: 813 986 3212


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