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Full Moon

January 28, 2021

19:16 EST

Full Moon in Leo



The Wolf Moon is named after the wolf packs that howled hungrily outside of Native American villages in the cold and deep snows of midwinter January.


The January full moon name was sometimes known as the Old Moon, the Moon After Yule, Full Snow Moon, Quiet Moon, Silent Moon, Disting Moon, Terrible Moon and even the Moon of Little Winter

Traditionally during this month Pagans perform purification and protection magic. Creating amulets to carry with you or place in a secret or sacred place are especially common during the Wolf Moon. The ritual burning of written charms so that their magic may be released is also popular.

Making an amulet with magical markings is a very personal project, but worthwhile. It does not need to be restricted to this time of year, in fact you can make a magical amulet at any time.


Before you begin it is good to give careful thought to what symbols you wish to include, if any. (Some amulets are made to carry materials objects like locks of hair, crystals, ribbons, string, etc.) 

Symbols might be taken from runes, ogham, sigils, zodiac signs, depending on your personal path or preference of course. Classes on working with sigils are often available at Mystikal Scents. Click here to browse upcoming classes and events, or contact us regarding your interest in this class.


Even words have been used over the centuries on amulets of protection. The word "ABRACADABRA" was used during times of plague in ancient Europe and adorned silver amulets to ward off the sickness.


Full Moon

February 27th, 2021

08:17 EST

Full Moon in Virgo



Since the snow piles heaviest in February, Native American tribes often called this moon the Snow Moon.


Among tribes that used this full moon name for the January moon, the February moon was called the Hunger Moon due to the harsh hunting conditions. Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Little Famine Moon, Full Bony Moon, Horning Moon, Wild Moon,  Quickening Moon, Big Winter Moon are other traditional names for February’s full moon.

This month is still known for powerful snow storms. Still, nature begins to sense the turning of the year. Birds begin looking for new nesting sites and some mammals like the fox begin their search for a mate at this time. 

It's a time to look forward, to plan coming seasons. This is true in your magical workings too. New beginnings, launching a successful business or new relationships are excellent in this time. 

Magic can be as simple as lighting candles with great intent, prayer or meditation. Candle magic is a good starting point for those who are seeking to connect with old traditions or paths. If you'd rather have someone else prepare your candle for a magical purpose with good intent, then take a look at the Candle Dressing Option on the bookable services here.

Mystikal Scents stocks chime candles in many colors that correspond with things like Healing, Love, Money, etc. Other candles are in store that are not only beautiful, they are carefully crafted for magical purposes. You can browse the Candles in the online store here.


Full Moon

March 28th, 2021

18:48 EST 

Full Moon in Libra



As the temperature increases and the snow begins to melt in March, the ground softens and earthworms begin to show giving the name Worm Moon. Sometimes referred to as the Chaste Moon to encourage abstinence, for a child conceived now would be born in the winter months when food supplies would be lower.


Another sign of spring is the cawing of crows, hence another name for this moon is the Crow Moon. The Crust Moon is another name taken from the observation of nature. In some parts of the world the way the snow forms crusts prior to melting.


In parts of Canada it's more familiar as the Sap Moon as it's the time for the tapping of maple trees. 


To the European settlers, this moon was also known as the Lenten Moon and was considered to be the last full moon of winter.

No matter which name you call it, this moon remains a potent time to work magic for change and renewal. Looking at the bigger picture and learning your own place in it through introspection is also a key attribute that may be sought at this time of year.


Guided meditation is a relaxing and a relatively simple way to stand back and look at the bigger picture, or to rejuvenate.


Guided Meditation is a service provided at Mystikal Scents for individuals or groups. These pre paid sessions are required to be booked in advance for scheduling. You can view session details like group size and cost here. Or you can contact us to answer your questions.


Full Moon

April 27th, 2021

03:31 EST

Full Moon in Scorpio



The full moon that appears in April is called the Pink Moon. This name came from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring.


The Pink Moon of April is sometimes referred to by names associated with other signs of spring like Seed Moon. In other cultures, this full moon is sometimes called the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and among coastal tribes the Fish Moon, because this was the time that the shad swam upstream to spawn.

Early herbalists and folk magicians used this period to enhance spells concerning health and general well-being. 

Burning herbs indoors to cleanse and purify the hearth and home was performed during this season. Removing negativity or vibes from a particularly harsh winter was just as important as clearing insects that had laid dormant in the rafters and thatches. The ground of the home was smoked at the walls and doorways before recovering the dirt or stone with new rushes.

"Smudging" is the term used by Native Americans and pagans in North America. There are variations in the types of sage used, depending on what you wish to achieve. You can browse our sage bundles and types in the online store here, or come on in....we'd love to see you. 

Mystikal Scents also has a wonderful range of Abalone Shells, burning bowls and cauldrons that can help you in successful smudging. If you'd rather have a House Cleansing & Blessing done for you please contact us with some basic details. We do have a service for this but it is limited by location and availability. Unsure which option is best? Ask us so that we can point you in the right direction.

Full Moon

Lunar Eclipse

May 26th, 2021

 11:13 EST

Full Moon in Sagittarius



May’s abundant blooms give its full moon the name Flower Moon in many cultures. Other full moon names include the Hare Moon, the Corn Planting Moon, and the Milk Moon.

Flowers are popular during Beltane rites, so many of the flowers and trees that bloom this month are associated with magic. Gatherings with floral headdresses (even for the men)

and dancing with ribbons, cords or kerchiefs would be the celebrations surrounding the planting of the fields. 

The fertility was represented by decorating eggs, or carving the hare into wooden objects like spoons. Taking old rushes of corn and weaving them into four spoke wheels was also a tradition among Celtic tribes. 

The old rushes would be burned up on the hills and runners sent with new lights for the cleansed hearth. It was symbolic of the spark of life being brought to an empty womb.

May festivals in Europe would include the maidens seeking a husband. The most popular maid was elected queen of the May and invited to choose her king with the aid of a scrying mirror. 

It's been suggested that the birth rate for January and February was higher due to this Flower Moon. So if you're looking to increase fertility, this is a month to create your magic with that intent.

Browse the selection of herbs, oils and candles in the Mystikal Scents online store that can assist you to manifest the greatest of pleasures. Better still, come in and see us, sit and relax or find answers, because you deserve to.


Full Moon

June 24th, 2021

 18:39 EST

Full Moon in Sagittarius



The Strawberry Moon is universal to every Algonquin tribe and was named after the season for harvesting strawberries.

European settlers called this moon the Rose Moon, while other cultures named it the Hot Moon for the beginning of the summer heat. It is also dubbed the Strong Sun Moon.


This Full Moon is a wonderful time to celebrate all that you have in this moment. Of course this may be said of most days, but now is the time where the fruits of labor should be available for you to pause just long enough to enjoy them. Celtic tribes practiced communication with the tree spirits by burning herbs and inducing trance. They called this the Dryad Moon after the spirits they invoked.


Burning incense can encourage relaxation, but it's also used as a magical ingredient as it represents the element of air. The smells can trigger pleasant thoughts as the olfactory senses are stimulated. Incense is made from plant-based materials and can include a variety of resins, barks, seeds, roots, and flowers.

Magic rituals during this full moon are traditionally for career, or advancement spiritually, emotionally or physically. So good for healing or considering options that lay before you. 

You don't need a magic ritual to enjoy the magic of incense though, burning these aromatic sticks around your home can simply be enough. Browse the hand made incense from Mystikal Scents and find out the magical properties in each unique blend.

Moonlit Fortress

Full Moon

July 24th, 2021

02:36 EST

Full Moon in Aquarius



The full moon name for July’s full moon is the Thunder Moon because of frequent thunderstorms during this time. Other common names are Hay Moon, Buck moon, (as this is the month the bucks antlers begin to grow) Blessing MoonMead Moon, and the Lovers Moon or Honey Moon.

Recall that May time maiden? Married or hand-fasted in the following weeks of a betrothal was common back in the day.


Hand-fasting ceremonies like weddings can be small or larger events. In a hand-fasting the couples hands are bound to each other with a 9ft cord that they have traditionally made themselves with three colors of ribbon or cloth like a clan tartan.

The significance of three lengths of time for the coupling is a more recent but not unwelcome option. The couples can elect to be bound for a year and a day, for as long as true love lasts, or for all eternity. It's a romantic option to commit for all eternity, however, you should not feel pressured into such a commitment. Hand fasting is a marriage equivalent and can have the legal contractual requirements incorporated into the ceremony if the couple desires this.


Tradition still echoes through the ages when a hand fasting or wedding is followed by the Honey Moon. Couples joined were encouraged to drink a tot of mead each day to increase fertility. This brought spring time babies that would not be weaned until crops were plentiful in the summer harvest.


Did you know Mystikal Scents Owner Pearl performs Handfasting ceremonies as part of her Clergy Services? You can find out more about this here.

Magic during this moon may include all forms of prosperity charms or inviting an old flame or new love to join with you soon.

Moonlit Fortress

Full Moon

August 22nd, 2021

12:01 EST

Full Moon in Aquarius & Pisces



In Northa America the fishing tribes are given credit for naming the Sturgeon Moon since the sturgeon, a large fish of the Great Lakes, were most readily caught during this month.


In other cultures it is known by other names like Red Moon because, as the moon rises in August, it appears reddish and hazy.

Many Native Americans celebrated the corn harvest in August. This festival eventually gave August’s Full Moon another name, the Corn Moon.It has also been called the Green Corn Moon and the Grain Moon, as well as the Corn Moon. Magic for this moon has focus on health, fertility, or abundance.

The Celtic Tribes of Europe were inclined to give it the name of Wyrt Moon. Sometimes spelled Wort Moon. Wyrt is an old word for a green plant that has medicinal properties. These are what we refer to as herbs today.

Herbs don't only have medicinal attributes, they also have magickal purposes. By knowing more about the properties of each herb you can select the ones that align with your magikal intent thus increasing the potency of your spells.


Mystikal Scents has an array of herbs and dried flowers for use in both herbal remedies and magic. You'll see both uses listed in our product descriptions in the Herbs Collection of our online store.


There's also a search option on the site header for you to type in the purpose of your magic and a list of herbs and incense will appear as if by magic!            Search the Site



Moonlit Fortress

Full Moon

September 20th, 2021

 23:54 EST

Full Moon in Pisces



The full moon that appears in September is called the Harvest Moon. Many of the Native American tribes' staple foods, such as corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and rice, are ready for gathering at this time.


The strong light of the Harvest Moon allowed European farmers to work late into the night to harvest their crops. The most familiar named moon, September’s Harvest Moon refers to the time of year after the autumn equinox when crops were gathered. It also refers to the Harvest Moon’s particularly bright appearance and early rise, which lets farmers continue harvesting into the night.


The Harvest Moon does not always occur in September. Traditionally, the name goes to the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, which falls during October once or twice a decade. The Harvest Moon of September is sometimes referred to as the  Corn Moon, because it marked when the corn was supposed to be harvested, or the Barley Moon.

It is perhaps the most well-known of the year, but not perhaps the custom of raising a glass to "The Lady". Thanking the Moon Goddess and all her efforts that helped bring the harvest about.


Old traditions include offerings of food and drink being collected and then shared by a community. A "Food Drive" or Harvest Supper are the related events in our modern world. Mystikal Scents Collects your non perishable items in their store to share with those most in need in the local community. If you can't stop in at the store you may make a donation to this cause. We're working on a donation button now to ensure your gifts go to the right place.

Moonlit Fortress

Full Moon

October 20th, 2021

14:56 EST

Full Moon in Aries & Taurus



October’s full moon is referred to as the Hunters Moon because after the fields have been reaped, the leaves begin to fall, and the deer are fat and ready for eating. Hunters can ride easily over the fields’ stubble, and the fox and other animals are more easily spotted.


Some years the Harvest Moon falls in October instead of September. Th full moon name for October’s full moon was also the Blood Moon or Sanguine Moon because of its bright color. Other names for this full moon include the Travel Moon and the Dying Grass Moon.

The name of October’s Full Moon, the Blood Moon, comes from this urge to connect with ancestors. When the Blood moon rises, leave an apple under a tree or burn some dried wormwood in a dish while meditating on your deceased loved ones. 

The Ancestral Feast for your loved ones passed, also has the apple representation. Lay your table, carve initials into an apple and put it on a plate or dish for your ancestor. Quiet reverie, pacing clockwise thrice helps connect you with ancestral energy.

Mystikal Scents has their Anniversary Festival in this month. This event includes free lectures and demonstrations from metaphysical Teachers and Healers. There's an array of readers and psychic mediums available to satisfy the inquiring mind as well as fun games, special offers, free gifts and refreshments.


In 2020 you can be included in the ancestral feast and reverie - a chance to connect with the energy of your ancestors or family that have crossed over. Limited number of places for this ticketed event! Contact Mystikal Scents to enter your name for the draw that denotes the lucky few.

Moon Clouds

Seasonal Blue Moon

August Full Moon

Full Moon in Aquarius Then Pisces



Each year, the moon completes its final cycle about 11 days before the Earth finishes its orbit around the sun. These days add up, and every two and a half years or so, there is an extra full moon, called a Blue Moon.


The term is commonly used today to describe the second full moon of a calendar month, but it was originally the name given to the third full moon of a season containing four full moons. This relatively rare occurrence has spawned the saying “once in a blue moon”.

 It is thought that historically it got it's name from when the moon’s timing was too early,and it was a “Betrayer Moon” (belewe moon) because it betrayed the usual perception of one full Moon per month, allowing the “Lent Moon” to come at its expected time.

Folklore gave each full moon a name according to its time of year. A full moon that came too early had no folk name, so it was called a Belewe Moon.

Expect the unexpected or do magic to bring you something that usually seem unattainable. It's an especially good time to uncover dishonesty and lies, or to stop gossip.


Just remember harm none lest you be belewed!!

Moonlit Fortress

Lunar Eclipse

November 19th, 2021

08:57 EST

Full Moon in Taurus then Gemini



The full moon that appears in November is called the Beaver Moon. Some say the name comes from Native Americans setting beaver traps during this month before the swamps froze over to try to ensure a supply of warm winter furs.


Other say it’s from the heavy activity of beavers building their winter dams. The Beaver Moon of November was sometimes also referred to as the Frost Moon by some Native American tribes.

As dark nights draw in this is a great time for scrying. Scrying is the art of divining the future. Use a black scrying mirror or black cauldron filled with water. Seek guidance, healing or creativity during this time.

Using a journal for magical purposes means that you begin to detail your visions and may refer to them as time goes on. Practice in any divination is the way to develop and hone your skill. We've got a selection of journals, inks, pens or quills in the store. Due to popular demand we are also arranging for downloadable files. You'll be able to store the file after purchase and forever print as many or as few copies as you wish.


Learning how to make a scrying mirror or to improve your gazing and interpretations can be fun as well as empowering. Mystikal Scents provides classes and events to enable growth in such areas. You can browse the upcoming schedule of classes here if you'd like.


Traditionally sitting by a pond, lake or well and gazing into the reflection of the moon on the water for insights was the custom in Europe. As the beaver is nocturnal, the solitary gazer would see them busying by the water. It was considered to be an indication of prosperous magic or wishes if the beaver was seen just before or after connecting with the moons energy.

Full Moon

Full Moon


Full Moon in Cancer



Decembers Full Moon, the first of the winter season, is known as the Cold Moon.This moon is sometimes called the Long Night Moon as the winter nights lengthen. The full moon name often used by Christian settlers is the Moon Before Yule.

This is often a time of introspection and self discovery, as you evaluate the events over the past year. Self analysis has a definite benefit giving you a chance to re-evaluate your goals for the coming twelve months. 

If there's something you need to let go of that's weighed heavily upon you, now is your opportunity to release that unwanted baggage.


Write your problem on a piece of paper, sit outside under the full moon, and burn the paper, scattering the ashes into the breeze. Alternatively, tear it up and throw it into a moving body of water. You can do this indoors, if you are unable to be with nature. Use a burning bowl or dish to rid yourself of troublesome thoughts or events gone by. Don't have a burning bowl? You can shop for one with Mystikal Scents online here if you wish.


Either way you choose to do this is perfectly fine. It's more about the letting go, because once it's gone, you can start thinking about how to move forward with your life.

You may choose to simply clear out unwanted things from the material realm. Charity is big in this month. Helping others by donating your unwanted clothes or household items is a sure fire way to promote the original good will. It's returned three fold at least, so seek out what you don't want in one way or another.

Wolf Moon
Snow Moon
Worm Moon
Pink Moon
Flower Moon
Thunder Moon
Sturgeon Moon
Harvest Moon
Hunters Moon
Blue Moon
Beaver Moon
Cold Moon
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