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A Peaceful Haven to Relax and Explore

We ensure our shop is a place that people feel positive vibes and a relaxed atmosphere.

(Space is available for meetups, gatherings and more. Call 813- 986- 3212 to ask!) 

In This Moment
Share Ideas
With Friends
Sit A Spell
Host A Gathering

At Mystikal Scents, we’re not just committed to offering quality products at competitive prices and great service
Scroll down to see some of our goods on display inside of the store that cover a wide range of beliefs.


Mystikal and Unique Gifts

 Our no-pressure sales approach, omnism and genuine interest in the metaphysical means that many of our customers browse for hours. There's so much to look at and to learn about that one visit is never enough. We are happy that so many of our customers return to us every week.

These are just a handful of pictures of the items on display to give you a taste of what lies in store.

You are welcome to buy online of course, but if what you crave is the beauty and mystery in traditional or ancient styles then come on in and see us. We'd love to see you!

We have a large range of mystikal and magickal items for everyday use like herbs, incense, and crystals.



 Our Other Collections:

Clothing, Bath & Body, 

Singing Bowls

Tarot Cards, Greetings Cards

Wall Art, CD's

Books, Jewelry, Candles

Brooms, Cauldrons, Altar Cloths

Wands, Athames, Goblets



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