Crown Chakra Kit

This Crown Chakra Kit comes in a drawstring bag with a booklet that gives you the Guide to using the contents and meditation for enhancing your relaxation and positive energy in balancing your Crown Chakra. The kit includes: Crown Chakra Glycerin soap made with Rose, vanilla and Lavender essential oils.This soap stimulates Connection to Higher Consciousness and Imagination. A 4oz pump spray bottle of Higher Realms Spray for air or body. This spray will help you to connect with the higher energies of the divine. Your higher self, your guides and angels. Crystal Essence of Selenite, Amethyst, Danburite and essential oils of Frankincense: connects you with the divine. Rosewood: centers us in peace, living in the now. Lavender: brings deep peace, relaxation. Sandalwood: awakens spiritual wisdom and peace. Small drawstring pouch containing Amethyststone/crystal to aid you with your Crown Chakra.