Sacral Chakra Kit

This Sacral Chakra Kit comes in a drawstring bag with a booklet that gives you the Guide to using the contents and meditation for enhancing your relaxation and positive energy and balancing your Sacral Chakra. The kit includes: Sacral Chakra Glycerin soap made with Jasmine, Orange and Bergamot essential oils.This soap stimulates positive emotions, sexuality and creativity. A 4oz pump spray bottle of Creative Desire Spray for air or body. This spray will help balance emotions, boost creativity and foster sexual energy. Crystal essences of: Citrine: Clears blocks, energizes, boosts creativity and manefestation. Moonstone: Balances emotions and promotes psychic ability. Orange Calcite: enhances creativity, uplifting, destressing. Essential Oils of: Jasmine:aphrodisiac, aids artistic sense and relationships. Orange: provides joy, relaxing. Bergamot: relieves worry and depression. Tangerine: soothes anger/grief/shock. Small drawstring pouch with orange calcite stone/crystal positively charged to aid you in manifesting your desires.